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RAQUEL project is over

The project was officially running from 1st October 2013 to 30th September 2016. The central topic of this project was randomness, generation of high quality randomness, and (efficient) usage of randomness. This project addresses a wide spectrum of fundamental areas of quantum information processing, and analyzes the role randomness plays in them. The research consortium of the project consisted of 7 partners – Masaryk University (coordinator), Latvijas Universitate, Universitaet Wien, Uniwersytet Gdanski, Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona, Freie Universitaet Berlin, and ETH Zurich. As a result of the project, 123 publications were co-authored by the project team. Vast majority of the appeared in impacted journals such as Physical Review A (21 papers), New Journal of Physics (19 papers), Physical Review Letters (16 papers), IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (12 papers) and  Nature Communications (8 papers).

We recommend to watch the video to find out how this research can affect everyday life.


RAQUEL project video is here!


Let me introduce the RAQUEL project video:

We hope it helps wider public to understand what is RAQUEL project about and why this research is important.

Many thanks to all of You involved in video and the other ones who helped to make it up!

RAQUEL promo video comming soon!

What is the RAQUEL project about?

Can I understand it even though I am not a mathematician or physicist?

Why is this project so important?

These and other questions will be answered soon!

You do not have to be a scientist to appreciate the magic of our work!

In collaboration with LEMMA (Lab of Electronic and Multimedia Apps) Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, we prepared the script and gave an opportunity to talented students to get experience with making the RAQUEL video.

More info comming soon!


Third scientific meeting

We would like to announce that the third scientific meeting took a place in Gdansk, Poland on October 7th-9th, 2015.




8.10.2015 (THURSDAY)
10.00-10.45: ‘Constrained de Finetti reductions and applications to parallel repetition’ (Andreas Winter)
10.45-11.30: ‘CHSH, steering with random and “free” observables’ (Zhi Yin)
11.30-12.00: COFFEE BREAK (in KCIK)
12.00-12.45: ‘Unifying local random quantum processes’ (Winton Brown)
12.45-13.30: ‘Iterated function systems on a circle’ (Tomasz Szarek)
13.30-15.30: LUNCH TIME (individually)
15.30-17.00: Administrative session
9.10.2015 (FRIDAY)
10.00-10.45: ‘Approximate 2-designs: constructions and applications’ (Yoshifumi Nakata)
10.45-11.30: ‘Universal set of thermal operations’ (Piotr Ćwikliński)
11.30-12.00: COFFEE BREAK (in KCIK)
12.00-12.45: ‘Optimal classical random access codes using single d-level alphabets’ (Ashutosh Rai)
12.45-13.30: Discussion – open problems
13.30-15.30: LUNCH TIME (individually)
15.30-16.15: ‘Randomness amplification with weaker assumptions’ (Hanna Wojewódka)

For those who are interested here You can find photos from 3rd RAQUEL meeting. Thanks a lot to Gdaňsk University for organizing this event!


Second scientific meeting

Second scientific meeting took place in Barcelona, Spain on April 29th – May 1st, 2015.



Wed 29.04.2015:
11:30 : Giannicola Scarpa “Nonsignalling correlations in Bayesian strategic game theory”
12:15 : Hanna Wojewodka “On randomness amplificaction with devices correlated with source of randomness”

14:45 : Tomasz Szarek “Exponentially convergent algorithm to generate random points in a d–dimensional body”
15:30 : Winton Brown “Assorted topics on unitary t-designs and random circuits”
17:30 RAQUEL strategic meeting

Thu 30.04.2015:
11:30 : Christopher Portman “Modeling untrusted devices”
12:15 : Mateus Araujo “Random correlations, entanglement and causal games”
14:45 : Piotr Cwiklinski “Thermodynamical processing of coherences”
15:30 : Jens Eisert “10 people in the room, 10 views on many-body localisation of random Hamiltonians”
17:30 : Jan Bouda/Frederic Dupuis “TBA”

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RAQUEL meeting


First scientific RAQUEL meeting took place at Brno, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University on June 5th 2014.

Brno - panorama




Welcome to the website of the project RAQUEL – randomness and quantum entanglement. Here you can find the latest news.